About us

Transform our ideas
into nutrition products using the highest standards of superior quality and elegant design.

Pure admirers of Greek nutrition and its benefits to health and quality of living, Nick and Haris, were always passionate with the gifts that Greek land generously provided to men.

Thus, the idea of collecting the ultimate fruits of Greek nature and bring the best food products into worldwide markets became the scope of their life.

Gold Senses, the “child” of Nick and Haris, brought this vision into life and set the commitment for producing Superior Greek Natural Products to the highest level.

A new philosophy is born attempting to improve the health and the quality of people’s lives to the maximum throughout the use of unique sensational products like premium extra virgin olive oil.

We started with the philosophy that people abroad should have the experience to taste the purest fruits of Greek nature, as we taste from the moment we are born, following the model of Mediterranean Diet that give us longevity.

Our Dream is to make an array of Greek Premium Natural Products and make them famous all over the world.