Some words for Thavma

Thavma Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the ambassador of our mentality, so we started to create nutrition products of highest quality showing unlimited respect to the gifts of our land together with extreme passion to create something unique. We wanted to enhance the purest fruit of nature to something exceptional and we achieved it.

When the goal is to create an extraordinary product everything has to be perfectly examined, designed and combined.Thavma Greek Ultra Low Acidity Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil (100% Koroneiki variety) of 0,3% at maximum on the week of packing, with great aroma, spicy and fruity taste that please the most demanding palate. Marvelous bottle painted and printed on hand leaving a bright gap that serve as unveiling of the interior freshness and balance. Exceptional contemporary packaging that reflects the luxury philosophy of Gold Senses and establishes the sense of elegance.

The final result is from the first sight breathtaking. Thavma is the Greek word for Miracle and for sure it is the spontaneous word that someone could say when looking to it and then tasting it. Pureness, brightness, perfect balance, exceptional design are smoothly married with sensational aroma and superior taste.

It is a “Thavma” (Miracle)!

I’m interested

From the light to the fruit of the olive tree…

In a corner of the world, whose light was cherished by the gods, its land was cherished by men. Here, at our own place, where the sun spreads its magic smiles and offers generously life and soul to everything thriving in the ground.
Here the light meets the golden green leaves of the holiest of plants, the liveliest of trees, the olive tree, giving it the energy to produce the divine fruit. It doesn’t look like a miracle. It is a miracle! A miracle we ‘ve learned to love for generations and generations since the prehistoric era. Here, in our land.
And then, after the miracle comes human intervention; the love and the effort. Harvesting and processing. And the fruit turns into a priceless liquid truth, into a precious nutritional ingredient, into the ultimate product of humanity, of the entire world.
It’s a miracle how the smile of the sun turns into the smile of men.

…from the fruit of the olive tree to the “MIRACLE”!

Wearing the brightest smiles and being extremely conscientious in the production and creation of oil, we present you Thavma (meaning miracle in Greek), the extra virgin premium quality olive oil.
Our own miracle, born by the cosmic light, bearing all the wisdom, the simplicity and generosity of the nature’s secrets!
We created our own Thavma Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil on the conviction that it is the most appropriate product to “praise” your most previous moments, thanks to its true flavor and complete savoring. Soon, you’ll feel that it becomes a precious part of your life. And that’s exactly our highest expectation.
Until it comes to you, this supreme Greek Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil fulfills all the traditional techniques of its harvest and the strictest modern specifications of production. Thus, we proudly provide you with an exceptional olive oil characterized by its superior quality, which you can enjoy daily with your loved ones.
We are confident of all the supreme sensations Thavma is about to offer you. But mostly, we believe in your own smile after you taste its truth… and the truth of the brightest country in the world.
It’s a miracle when the smile of man becomes the smile of the sun.


Thavma Quality Characteristics:


  • Acidity max 0.3% at week of packing (EVOO acidity maximum 0.8%)
  • K270 max 0.22
  • K232 max 2.50
  • Delta Kappa (ΔΚ) max 0.01
  • Peroxyde value max 20meq O2/kg
  • Waxes max 250mg/kg

The production process is certified with Food Safety Management System
ISO-22000:2005 and Quality Control System ISO-9001:2008.
Please store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight
Shelf life: 24 months from the production(minimum)
Thavma is available in 500ml e 16.9 fl oz high quality glass bottles